High-level Operations Consulting for online business owners who want to make an impact

Assess the Operational Foundations of your business and get a free customised report to discover your greatest areas of improvement.

Pursuing your dreams shouldn’t mean sacrificing your life and well-being

      ★ Do you work so much that you lose your time with your family?
      ★ Do you feel you are your business’ prisoner
      ★ Are constantly stressed and cannot focus on making an impact?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A recent study carried out by Prospa shows that 85% of the small entrepreneurs experience frustration, burnout and fear of failure.

The good news:


Find the right partner who helps you manage your business, so you can get the Time, Freedom and work-life balance you deserve. Someone who allows you to work on bringing in more income, impact and work to leave a Legacy.

I'm Marta, your next business partner

As a trilingual Certified Online Business Manager®, I empower international thought leaders, authors and trainers to focus on their zone of genius and get their businesses to the next level.

I share my clients’ vision and partner with them to strategize and plan the next steps of their company, as an operations specialist who can fine-tune business processes and deal with the complexity of systems, digital marketing and team management. 

With my assistance laying out, mapping and implementing business strategies, setting up systems and processes, and managing their teams, CEOs can tune in to their magic and change the world for better — at a faster pace!

“Half way my first call with Marta, I knew I wanted her knowledge, her structural mindset, her ninja organisational skills and her insightful vision on my team” 

Máire Ni Gi (Founder of FSA)

From Vision to Legacy: 6S Growth Framework

Your business is like a tree

Your Mission, Vision and Values are the DNA of it.

To grow, it needs to be rooted

Strong foundations help you stand strong winds, support new branches and flourish. Your fruits are your Legacy.

How to root a digital business?

Top-down! From your Vision to the actual sale, there is a specific path to follow to cover all the operational background: The 6S Growth Framework®.

Let's work together​

Growth Strategy Plan

A Strategic Plan that covers: Goals, Urgent issues to tackle, Direction in: Foundations, Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Admin & Support and Self-management.

Transformational Quarter

Set up and refinement of the 6S Growth Framework®: Strategy, Structure, Systems, Staff, Standard Operating Procedures, Score, Continuous management and follow-up.

Business Consolidation Pack

A tailored monthly retainer that suits your management and accountability needs.

Mentorship Program

If you lack the confidence to take the next steps during your entrepreneurial journey, I can help you move forward with my expertise, experience and guidelines.

1, 3 or 5 sessions of 1,5h of knowledge, orientation and actionable tasks available.

About Me

I’m a mum of two, wife, digital entrepreneur, Nature lover and lazy trekker interested in sustainability. To raise my children and enjoy life, I worked hard to build an online business. I have to admit that it took a while.

I have played the roles of researcher, product manager, translator, Virtual Assistant, VA teacher and mentor, to name a few. All these paths of life made have made me learn about myself, what I love doing and whom I want to serve.

As a lover of many things, and a natural problem-solver, I knew there would be a place for me in the online space. I finally discovered it’s called Operations!

– Certified OBM®, MSc
– Forest Engineer, MBA
– Trilingual: ES, PT, EN
– Multipotentialite
– Passionate!
– People person
– Spanish by birth, Portuguese by life
– Mum x2, wife, cat and plant lover
– Trustworthy partner

– Kolbe: 5473 (Quick Starter!)

– Myers-Briggs: Consul (ESFJ)

– Enneagram: 7 Enthusiastic Visionary


– PrinciplesYou: Promoter, Campaigner and Entertainer

– Human Design: Generator (6/2)

What clients say

Marta's arrival in my business validated what I had long been looking for and thought was the ideal partnership model. 
Marta is the right partner for this work of creation but above all of accomplishment. Marta makes it happen!
Sara Martins
Real Estate Consultant at Remax GoldenLine
Marta has given 100% to help me grow my business and within 3 months I'm already seeing big results. I can't describe the feeling of relief and clarity I had when we did our Strategies for Growth session - Marta mapped out everything from sales & marketing, content creation, launch planning. I can't recommend her enough to any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business.
Máire Ní G
Founder of Feminine Sexual Alchemy
Marta was a precious help for my project thanks to her skills and characteristics such as: multi-disciplinary, technological competence, sense of urgency, organisation and method, creative, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, proactive and available.
Massimo Forte
Coach, Consultant and Author
Marta is the dream Chief Operating Officer. When you are busy being a CEO or being a commercial in your own company, Marta is the one you can lay your trust to organize the whole work of your company, to sooth your dispair and organize your head also. She knows what to do to put order, efficiency and productivity. Beyond her knowledge, she really listens to you and build from there.
Paula Macedo
Paula Macedo
CEO of PDA Portugal
I sought Marta's support at a stage when I felt the need to elevate the structure of my business. It was one of the most important investments I made. The dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge that Marta shared with me were essential to feel confident and secure to implement a strategy aligned with the essence of my business. The whole process was personalized and you can feel the love she puts into the service she delivers.
Carla Costa
Personal Brand Coach
The 6S GROWTH Framework® roots your business down in Earth, allows it to grow and your Mission becomes your Legacy.

My ethical marketing pledge.

I count on you to hold us accountable. Please connect with me if you see me not honouring my pledge.

I put the person before the sale.

I respect you and your privacy. I will help you make the best choice for your needs.

I communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly.

I will not confuse you or hide information from you. I will help all audiences feel welcome.

I take responsibility for our part in changing the marketplace.

I recognize the need to break the cycle of consumerism. I will continuously review my sales and marketing to ensure they benefit the common good.

Let's talk!

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